About Us 

Welcome to the Smart Freight Centre Academy, the education and knowledge hub stemming from the globally recognized Smart Freight Centre – a pioneer in driving freight decarbonisation.
Our academy is dedicated to advancing freight decarbonisation through comprehensive training in sustainable logistics, emissions accounting and decarbonisation levers. With a range of self-paced e-learning options, live virtual workshops, and a growing library of 'snackable' educational content, we cater to the dynamic needs of professionals dedicated to making a tangible impact in the freight industry. Embark on a transformative learning journey with us and become a leader in the global movement towards a greener freight ecosystem.

Innovative Learning

The Smart Freight Centre Academy embodies innovation in sustainability education. Our curriculum, centered on freight decarbonisation, prepares you to navigate and shape the future of freight with the latest standards and frameworks.

Flexible and Accessible Education

With an array of self-paced e-learning modules and live virtual workshops, our academy delivers education that fits your schedule. Our 'snackable' content bites are perfect for busy professionals seeking to enhance their expertise even when on the move.

Global Community and Leadership

As part of Smart Freight Centre's expansive network, our academy connects you to a global community of professionals and leaders in freight decarbonisation. Together, we foster a collaborative environment for sharing best practices and driving industry-wide change.
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The Smart Freight Centre Academy exists to create world-class educational content and learning experiences for people at all levels of business, providing them with access to practical, informative, and actionable learning to enhance their decarbonisation efforts.

"Change is the end result of all true learning."