Course Overview
Introduction to Road Freight Electrification
This self-paced e-learning course introduces the core elements, benefits, and decision-making criteria essential for effective road freight electrification, catering to both freight buyers and fleet operators. Drawing from the insights of the Road Freight Electrification Guidance, this course equips participants with fundamental knowledge crucial for embarking on their road freight electrification journey. . 
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Self paced course
3-4 Hours
Explore the reasons and urgency for electrifying logistics
Delve into the socio-technical aspects of fleet electrification
Understand the role of 
road freight electrification in the decarbonization of supply chains and global freight.
Learn the decision-making criteria for prioritizing the operations to electrify
Understand the Smart Freight Centre Road Freight Electrification Guidance.
Understand the groundwork required for freight electrification (Vehicle & Charging Infrastructure).

What's Included?



Road Freight Electrification

ISO 14083

Who is this course for? This self-paced e-training serves as an introductory course for sustainability and logistics professionals aiming to decarbonize their fleet operations through electrification. Whether you're new to road freight electrification or just beginning your journey toward fleet decarbonization, the "Introduction to Road Freight Electrification" e-training is tailored for you. This training provides a comprehensive overview of fleet electrification fundamentals and includes insights from the Smart Freight Centre’s Road Freight Electrification Guidance project. 
Following completion of this training, or if you already possess a solid understanding of the basics, you may find our Road Freight Electrification in Practice live virtual training of interest. 

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Self Paced Course

Self-Paced E-Learning courses offer the flexibility to learn at your convenience. These courses are designed as comprehensive modules that you can progress through at your own pace, ensuring a personalized learning experience that fits your schedule. Ideal for building foundational knowledge, these courses provide a thorough introduction to key concepts in freight sustainability.
Introductory Level:
Introductory level courses are tailored for those new to the subject or looking to build a foundational understanding. These courses require no prior knowledge and are designed to equip you with the essential concepts and skills to start your learning journey in freight sustainability. They serve as a solid base for further study.


This course typically range from 3 to 4 hours of content, which you can complete at your convenience.

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