Course Overview
Introduction to Sustainable Logistics
This self-paced e-learning course covers all the essentials of sustainable logistics and reducing your emissions. This includes: calculating logistics emissions, setting science-based targets, implementing low-carbon solutions and how to engage with your logistics partners.
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Self paced course
3-4 Hours
The importance of taking action in sustainable logistics
Learn about the GLEC Framework and emissions accounting. 
Use a step-by-step approach to manage sustainable logistics.
Know how to apply the gained knowledge when improving your procurement & engagement strategies.
How to build on existing efforts in your organization. 
Understand relevant decarbonization levers for the freight sector.
Engage with your logistics contractors on sustainable logistics   
Learn to set targets in line with the Paris Agreement. 

What's Included?





ISO 14083


Who is this course for? 
This self-paced e-training is aimed at creating awareness and introducing the key concepts of sustainable logistics. It is targeted at a broad audience of logistics, sustainability and freight stakeholders as it covers all the essentials that any logistics employee needs to know. This training can also serve as an onboarding exercise for any employee that is directly or indirectly linked to a company’s supply chain to better understand the concepts of sustainable logistics. 

We also offer a live 'Develop Your Sustainable Logistics Roadmap' virtual training if you want to dive deeper into Sustainable Logistics and your company-specific roadmap.

Essential Information for Your Learning Journey

Course Type  

Self Paced Course

Self-Paced E-Learning courses offer the flexibility to learn at your convenience. These courses are designed as comprehensive modules that you can progress through at your own pace, ensuring a personalized learning experience that fits your schedule. Ideal for building foundational knowledge, these courses provide a thorough introduction to key concepts in freight sustainability.
Introductory Level:
Introductory level courses are tailored for those new to the subject or looking to build a foundational understanding. These courses require no prior knowledge and are designed to equip you with the essential concepts and skills to start your learning journey in freight sustainability. They serve as a solid base for further study.


This course typically range from 3 to 4 hours of content, which you can complete at your convenience.

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