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Educating towards zero emissions global freight and logistics 

Gain industry-leading insights and drive change in decarbonizing the logistics industry.

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       17/09    19/11    
      Live Workshop

Develop Your Sustainable Logistics Roadmap

Create your company specific sustainable logistics roadmap. Calculate, set targets & identify solutions to reduce emissions.
  8 X 90 Minute Sessions
     10/10  14/10  16/10
   Live Workshop

Aviation Emission Calculation in Practice

The calculation of emissions in aviation in relation to the GLEC Framework and the principles of Book & Claim (MBM).
 3 X 2 Hour Sessions
    17/10   21/10   23/10
                   Live Workshop

GLEC & ISO 14083 Calculation Workshop

This practical, action-oriented workshop series offers hands-on experience on how to use the GLEC Framework to calculate and report your company’s supply chain emissions.
  3 X 2 Hour Sessions
  Dates: Coming soon 
                   Live Workshop

Book & Claim in Practice    -   {Pre Launch}

The practical implementation of Book & Claim practices and the SFC Market Based Measures (MBM) Accounting Framework.
  3 X 2 Hour Sessions

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