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Gain industry-leading insights and drive change in decarbonizing the logistics industry.
Welcome to Smart Freight Centre Academy!
The Smart Freight Centre Academy is the education and knowledge hub of the globally recognized NGO, Smart Freight Centre, a leader in freight decarbonization practices, standards, and frameworks. 
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Specialized Education in Freight Decarbonization
Our course offerings are centered around three fundamental themes: Sustainable Logistics, Emissions Accounting, and Decarbonization Levers. Each theme is a reflection of Smart Freight Centre's groundbreaking work and its commitment to actionable, forward-thinking solutions in freight decarbonization. 

We offer self-paced e-learning, live virtual workshops, and an ever-expanding library of educational content bites, specifically designed as 'snackable' learning for busy professionals who are constantly on the go.
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Taking a broad view of the many moving parts.
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Accounting for freight emissions. 
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Decarbonization Levers

Leveraging different means of decarbonization.
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Our ever-expanding course offering 

Flexible & Engaging Learning Paths

Begin your journey with our  Self-Paced e-Learning courses designed for foundational learning, or elevate your expertise through our Live Virtual Workshops  for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Self-Paced e-Learning:

Begin your decarbonisation journey with foundational courses that let you learn at your own pace.

Live Virtual Workshops:

Interactive, expert-led live workshops that dive into practical, actionable detail. 

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        17/09    19/11    
      Live Workshop

Develop Your Sustainable Logistics Roadmap

Create your company specific sustainable logistics roadmap. Calculate, set targets & identify solutions to reduce emissions.
  8 X 90 Minute Sessions
  10/10  14/10  16/10 
   Live Workshop

Aviation Emission Calculation in Practice

The calculation of emissions in aviation in relation to the GLEC Framework and the principles of Book & Claim (MBM).
 3 X 2 Hour Sessions
  17/10   21/10   23/10
                   Live Workshop

GLEC & ISO 14083 Calculation Workshop

This practical, action-oriented workshop series offers hands-on experience on how to use the GLEC Framework to calculate and report your company’s supply chain emissions.
  3 X 2 Hour Sessions
  Dates: Coming soon 
                   Live Workshop

Book & Claim in Practice    -   {Pre Launch}

The practical implementation of Book & Claim practices and the SFC Market Based Measures (MBM) Accounting Framework.
  3 X 2 Hour Sessions

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