Ep. 1-2 with Dr. Alan Lewis: Driving Change: The Future of Sustainable Freight

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How have the GLEC Framework and ISO 14083 impacted freight sustainability? 

Welcome back to part 2 of our 3-part podcast series with Dr. Alan Lewis. In this episode, host Mehul Khandelwal continues the discussion on the integration and impact of the GLEC and ISO 14083 frameworks in sustainable freight. 

In this podcast, we will cover:
  • GLEC Framework and ISO 14083: Both frameworks are complementary, with the ISO standard being more formal and detailed.
  • Expanded Boundaries: The third version of the GLEC framework now includes pipelines.
  • Accessibility vs. Formality: GLEC framework is user-friendly for newcomers, while ISO 14083 is detailed for legal purposes.
  • Verification and Assurance: Companies should start with the GLEC framework and use the ISO standard for detailed verification.
  • Compliance Readiness: Larger companies are more prepared for compliance than smaller ones.
  • Legislative Impact: Standardization of regulations globally is crucial for logistics emissions reporting.
  • Global Perspective: Smart Freight Centre promotes international standards to streamline greenhouse gas reporting.
For more insights, listen to the episode 1-3. Did you miss episode 1-1? 
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