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Develop Your Sustainable Logistics Roadmap

This 8-session live, virtual training is about creating your company specific Sustainable Logistics Roadmap (SLR). The course will guide you through the key topics and considerations for developing a sustainable logistics roadmap, and teach you how to calculate logistics emissions, set science-based targets, and understand which decarbonization levers are most relevant for you. You will finish this course with new skills, the latest insights, and a roadmap to guide your sustainable logistics journey. 

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Live Virtual Workshop
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Introductory & Intermediate
8 X 90 min sessions

Cohort 1 2024:
Weekly:  March: 12, 19, 26, April: 4, 9, 16, 30, May: 21 
[10.00 -11.30 CET] 
Cohort 2 2024:
Weekly: Sept. 17, 24, Oct.: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Nov. 19,
[15.00-16.30 CET]
 Time until next cohort  

What's Included:

This training is delivered in 8 x 90 minute modules:
Where are we now? Introduction to Sustainable Logistics and it's importance.
Calculating and reporting emissions. The GLEC Framework & Book and Claim
Decarbonization Levers & Alternative Fuels
Fleet Electrification as a decarbonization lever
Getting started and setting science-based company targets
Multimodality, supply chain and asset efficiency 
Sustainable Procurement and collaboration
Build & present Your Sustainable Logistics Roadmap 

Bonus Course

As a participant in the Develop Your Sustainable Logistics Roadmap (SLR) Training you will receive access to the e-training: Decarbonizing Logistics from our partner organisation, Kühne Logistics University. This value-added learning is available as a stand-alone course and is offered to SLR course participants free of charge. 

What's Included?



Sustainable Logistics 

Book & Claim

ISO 14083


Who is the Develop Your Sustainable Logistics Roadmap course for? 

This live, virtual training is aimed at teams and individuals who are working on building out their sustainable logistics roadmaps and who are seeking the latest insight into all important topics of sustainable logistics.

Over the course of 8 modules the training will provide you and your team with all the knowledge and tools to start developing your own roadmap.

The Sustainable Logistics Roadmap training is therefore targeted at a broad audience of logistics, sustainability and procurement stakeholders as it covers all the essentials that any logistics employee needs to know to start and advance on their decarbonization journey. 

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Course Type  

Live Virtual Workshops:
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This course is suited to both introductory and intermediate level learners

Introductory Level:
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Intermediate Level:

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Course Duration:  8 X 90 Minutes

Our live virtual workshop is structured into eight sessions, each lasting 9 minutes. This format is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of the topics.  The total duration of the workshop is 12 hours, spread across 8 separate days.


The course runs weekly on Tuesdays. 

Cohort 1 2024:  12.03, 19.03, 26.03, 4.04, 9.04, 16.04, 30.04, 21.05 [10.00-11.30 CET]
Cohort 1 2024:  17.09, 24.09, 1.10, 8.10, 15.10, 22.10, 29.10, 19.11 [15.00-16.30 CET]

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