Smart Freight Centre Approved Training 

Smart Freight Centre Academy offers approval and validation of training content aligned to, or based on the work that SFC does. 
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Why SFC Approval Matters...

What do you stand to gain from 'SFC Approval' for your training

Globally Recognised

SFC is a globally renowned and recognised. organisation. With SFC Approval you will be able to use and leverage the SFC brand in your training and marketing material  

Quality Guarantee

SFC is known for its high standards and achievements. Any training that is SFC Approved will be known to be of high standard and quality 

Shared in the SFC Academy

All SFC Approved training will be marketed in the SFC Academy as linked courses. 

SFC Approval 

SFC Approval Process

Contact us to initiate the process.
Initial approval costs €750 and is valid for 1 year (12 months) from the date of first approval
Once the approval process agreement is signed we will shared the SFC Approval Rubric. 
Once you have completed the required tasks your content will be reviewed by one of our subject matter experts. 
When your content is 'green lit' you will receive an SFC Approved Certificate and a brand kit of SFC logos etc that you are welcome and encouraged to use on your training and marketing material. 
After 1 year you will need to reapply for approval (€500) or you will forfeit the right the use SFC branding on your training material. 

SFC Approved Training 

Below is a list of SFC Approved Training: 

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