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[2024-2] GLEC & ISO 14083 Calculation Workshop [2024-2] 

This live virtual workshop series will provide participants with hands-on experience in how to use the GLEC Framework v3 to calculate and report your company’s supply chain emissions in line with ISO 14083.

The training is suited to anyone looking to assess the freight emissions emanating from their supply chain operations. The content in the training  covers:
1. Introduction to the methodological pillars that underpin the GLEC Framework and ISO 14083 regarding logistics emissions calculations. 
2. Practical guidance on how to calculate logistics emissions according to a fuel-based and activity-based approach.
3.  Practical guidance on how to report your logistics emissions in conformance to ISO 14083 reporting requirements.  

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Live Virtual Workshop
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3 X 2 Hour sessions

Cohort 1 2024: 11.04, 12,04, 15,04

Cohort 2 2024:  17.10, 21.10, 23.10

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How the concepts covered in the GLEC Framework are used  as a guidance for reporting
Calculate emissions based on transport activity or fuel consumption data. 
Calculate emissions based on transport activity.
Report emissions according to the GLEC Declaration.
Calculating life cycle emissions for logistics operations. 
How to model fuel consumption for road.
How to render a dataset ISO 14083 & GLEC Framework compliant. 
Use the GLEC Framework to retrieve fuel emission factors and emission intensity values.

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GLEC & ISO 14083

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Who is this course for? 
This live virtual workshop is designed as a practical deep dive into the usage of the GLEC Framework v3 in emissions accounting, aligned to ISO 14083. This course is for any sustainability, supply chain & logistics managers or any other professional looking to familiarize themselves with the world of carbon accounting and reporting for logistics.

For professionals looking at the fundamentals of how to build a company logistics emissions report or those looking to be able to consult their Accredited partners to whom they outsource their logistics operations, this course will give all participants the necessary information and skills. 

This training assumes prior familiarity with the GLEC framework. If you feel that this training might be too advanced, we recommend starting with our course: Introduction to the GLEC Framework.

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Workshop Duration:  3 X 2 Hours

Our live virtual workshop is structured into three sessions, each lasting 2 hours. This format is designed to provide an in-depth exploration of the topics.  The total duration of the workshop is 6 hours, spread across three separate days.


Workshop Dates:

Cohort 1 2024: 
Session 1: 11/04/24 –  10:00 to 12:00 CET
Session 2: 12/04/24 –  10:00 to 12:00 CET
Session 3: 15/04/24 –  10:00 to 12:00 CET

Cohort 2 2024 :
17.10 - 21.1 - 23.10 [15.00-17.00CET]

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