Ep. 2-2 with Tharsis Teoh: Smart Freight Centre's Focus on Electric Vehicles (EVs)

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Smart Freight Center's Focus on Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Welcome back to part 2 of our 3-part podcast series with Tharsis Teoh. In this episode, with our host Andy Golding, we delve deeper into the reasons behind Smart Freight Center's focus on electric vehicles (EVs) as a key sustainability solution for the logistics industry.

In this podcast, we will cover:
  • Why Smart Freight Center prioritizes road freight electrification.
  • Benefits of adopting electric vehicles, including emissions reduction and scalability.
  • Comparisons between EVs and other sustainable fuel options.
  • Global trends and policy developments supporting EV adoption.

This episode provides a comprehensive look at the practical and strategic considerations for transitioning to electric freight vehicles, offering valuable insights for stakeholders in the logistics sector. Listen to the final episode in this series, where we explore the critical role of education in road freight electrification.
For more insights, listen to the episode 2-3. Did you miss episode 2-1? 
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