Ep. 2-1 with Tharsis Teoh: Understanding Road Freight Electrification (RFE)

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Understanding Road Freight Electrification (RFE)

In this episode of the Smart Freight Center Academy podcast, hosted by Andy Golding, Head of Academy at SFC, we kick off a three-part series on road freight electrification. Joined by Tharsis Teoh, Senior Technical Manager at SFC, we delve into the crucial aspects of transitioning from traditional diesel trucks to electric freight vehicles.

This podcast covers: 
  • What road freight electrification is.
  • The role of Smart Freight Center in promoting electric vehicles.
  • Significant benefits of adopting electric freight vehicles, including emissions reduction and cost savings.
  • Challenges and infrastructure changes needed for a successful transition.

This series aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how electric vehicles are transforming the logistics industry and contributing to global decarbonization efforts. Listen to episodes two and three, where we explore the benefits of electric vehicles and the importance of education in this transition.
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