Ep. 2-3 with Tharsis Teoh: The Need for Education in Road Freight Electrification

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The Role of Education in Road Freight Electrification (RFE)

In the third and final episode of the Smart Freight Center Academy podcast series on road freight electrification, hosted by Andy Golding, Head of Academy at SFC, we delve into the critical role of education in supporting the transition to electric freight vehicles. Joined by Tharsis Teoh, Senior Technical Manager at SFC, this episode highlights the importance of knowledge sharing and capacity building in achieving a zero-emissions logistics industry.

In this insightful episode, we will cover: 
  • The problems that road freight electrification aims to solve.
  • The socio-technical transition required for fleet electrification.
  • The creation and significance of SFC Academy’s introduction to road freight electrification training.
  • The perspectives of different stakeholders, including carriers and freight buyers.
  • The importance of ongoing education and community building

This episode emphasizes the need for comprehensive education and collaboration among stakeholders to facilitate the successful adoption of electric freight vehicles.

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